The Vanpool Advantage

The Vanpool Advantage - Your Benefit. Their Perk.

Every business knows that the secret to success is minimizing expenses, attracting key talent and retaining good employees. The Vanpool Advantage is an excellent resource to help you meet those goals.

With South Florida Vanpool you can provide your employees with an incentive that saves them money, benefits the environment, reduces traffic and parking congestion and helps your business be more sustainable.


Why Employers Choose Vanpool

The Vanpool Advantage is a benefit-driven shared commuting program that allows you to reduce expenses and utilize pre-tax benefits, enjoy an added recruitment advantage, minimize parking congestion, and be a greener business. Contact us today for more information on available incentives!

Our goal is to provide your business with an operational and competitive edge.  Your benefit is their perk. To get started, just fill out the form.


The Advantages

Benefits & Subsidies

  • You can receive pre-tax benefits for each participating employee
  • They receive a monthly subsidy applicable to monthly Vanpool costs

Reduced Parking congestion

  • You can reduce the number of cars in your parking lot
  • You can reduce parking expenses
  • They get a greener, more environmentally-friendly commute

Recruitment Advantage

  • You can offer potential talent the ability to save money while they earn money
  • You can entice prospects with lengthy commutes a more cost-effective way to get to work

LEED Benefits

  • Vanpools are LEED Certification Accredited.
  • You can reduce 140 tons of CO2 each month with a Vanpool program of 10 vans.
  • They can play an active role in your company's environmental commitment.