The Vanpool Benefits

SAVE money!

Vanpooling can save you money in many different ways. Get ahead of rising gas prices and save by sharing the ride. Less wear and tear on your personal vehicle means less money spent on parts and maintenance. You may also save on your auto insurance and parking fees, so you can spend a little more on yourself and your family.

Be more productive!

While you ride in your Vanpool, you can work on your tablet or laptop, check emails, catch up on texts, share ideas with your co-workers, or simply relax and nap so you’ll arrive at work more alert and ready to tackle the day.

Less stress!

Sharing the drive is stress-free compared to driving alone. A comprehensive insurance policy is provided with no deductible for Vanpool vehicles. Relax even more with included Bumper-to-Bumper preventive maintenance and repairs.

Never miss a ride!

We make sure that all of our vans are in prime working condition and when they need maintenance, we’ll give you a backup van. We also understand that situations can arise that may cause you to miss your ride.  With the free “Emergency Ride Home” Program from South Florida Commuter Services, you’ll never miss your ride.

Help save the environment!

Reduce your carbon footprint by sharing the ride. According to the Sightline Institute, the average car with a single driver emits 1.10 lbs of carbon dioxide per mile. By Vanpooling, you’ll create fewer emissions, consume less gas and reduce trash from parts and tires. Do your part to achieve a cleaner Florida environment!

Reduce traffic!

With Vanpooling, there are fewer cars on the road, and that means less congestion and safer roads. Plus, you’ll be ahead of the pack because you can utilize the Express Lanes, High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes on your way to and from work free of charge. Goodbye, rush hour traffic!